Thursday, 10 May 2012

Proper Gym Etiquette

Where am I? Is this the Victoria's secret fashion show, or a body building competition? No, it's just the gym at The University of Western Ontario

Now don't get me wrong, Western built a BEAUTIFUL gym facility, that is extremely well stocked with fitness equipment and well laid out. Combined with some of the best looking students in all of Canada, and it becomes an extremely attractive place to work out. My only issue is that a lot of people seem to have very bad gym etiquette. Here are some of my biggest pet peeves that need to change.

1. People who don't wipe down equipment. I go to the gym to workout, not to catch a cold. After your done with that bench or treadmill, please have the courtesy to go grab a fresh wipe and clean off your eqipment. As well please throw out your wipe DO NOT leave it in the waterbottle holder of the treadmill. Seriously, you just ran for half an hour, are you that tired that you can't take the extra five steps to the garbage can

2. People that hog equipment. I once saw a girl who had all her stuff (blackberry, jewellery, waterbottle, sweater) laid out across the bench. I asked her politely if she was using it (which she responded yes) but it was clear to me this was a lie since she never actually worked out on it, just continued to use it as a personal locker. If your not physically breaking a sweat with someone, get your S%$# off of it and let someone else use it!

3. Super loud music: dear person doing abs work on the mat next to me. No I don't want to listen to my music and your hardcore techno beats at the same time. Do us both a favour and save your hearing and turn down your ipod.

4. Girls that don't wear clothes. No I mean it, I know this is hard for some girls but honestly those booty shorts, sports bras and an obscene amount of makeup aren't true workout attire. Cover up your body, not your face and actually get a workout in instead of just going to the gym so guys can gawk at you. 

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