Thursday, 17 May 2012

Finding the Balance

After polishing off an entire steak dinner with bread at the Keg, the boyfriend commented, “it’s shocking how much you are able to put back”. To prevent me from slapping him across the table right then and there, he hurriedly explained that he meant how it never ceased to amaze him how much I was able to eat considering my waist size. This is not the first time I’ve been told this (YOU ATE THE WHOLE THING!!), but let me explain how I have found a balance between my foodie personality and staying in shape.

 Workout. No I didn’t say workout and then go treat yourself to the double down sandwich at KFC, because hitting the gym is by no means an excuse to gorge and be a couch potato for the rest of the day. Make exercise a constant habit in your life. For me, I alternate cardio days (run, bike, figure skate) with strength training days (arms, legs, abs) so that I am doing at least 50 minutes of planned physical activity each day. 
Live active. Try walking to school instead of taking the bus, bike to get groceries instead of driving, make it a routine to go for a walk each night after dinner. By fitting in these bouts of leisure time physical activity, your caloric burn each day will quickly add up.
Eat high nutrient, high fiber foods. Fruits and vegetables are great snacking items, aim for five serving of EACH per day. To limit unnecessary calories and bad fats, avoid piling on high calorie condiments and use healthier methods of cooking like steaming or grilling instead of frying with excessive amounts of butter. This way you can have your dessert, and eat it too 

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