Monday, 20 August 2012

Portion Distortion

My parents decided to go on a little getaway to Chicago for the week. Since I visited that fabulous city last winter, they asked me for my restaurant recommendations (I told them Pizzeria Uno and Quartino's if you're wondering). It also brought up vivid memories of some serious portion distortion south of the border. Sorry to pick on the Americans who read this post, but most of the portion sizes you get at restaurants are aboslutely out of control! I like this image because it shows how portion sizes have changed.

This next image is further proof that we are often served portions that are WAY to big and contain way too many calories to consume at one meal, unless your Michael Phelps or something...

Portion control is EXTREMELY important. It's very easy to finish an entire bag of chips while watching television or eat a huge entree at a restaurant even though you were full half way through. This following image can help you eyeball portion sizes at home
It's a rough estimate but a good guide to keep in mind when cooking and serving your food. Ideally I always aim for the 1/4 starch, 1/4 lean protein and 1/2 vegetables breakdown on my plate.

 This rule applies to lunch and dinner, because even I don't eat vegetables for breakfast, sorry to disappoint you.

Here are some other tips for portion control:
1. Use smaller plates and taller glasses. I know this sounds ridiculous, but it honestly works! You can trick your brain into thinking it's more food.

2. When eating out, remember that portions are bigger than what you will serve yourself at home. Split an entree with a friend or ask for a doggy bag when halfway through your meal. 

3. Pour your food into a bowl instead of eating it straight from a bag. This goes back to the "I accidentally ate the whole bag of chips during Bachelorette Season Finale" comment. It's a lot easier to stop eating when your small bowl is empty than when you have the entire bag sitting in front of you.

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