Monday, 13 August 2012

Health Foodie Finds!

I know what you’re thinking...since when is Costco a health food store? While Costco is full of some horrendous junk that is a poor excuse for food, there are also some amazing products available. Whenever my mom comes to visit, we do the legendary “Costco run”, and last time we hit the jackpot with some amazing and healthy finds at the Costco here in London. While I don’t have the bill so I can’t remember the exact price of everything, it was definitely cheaper than buying these items as single units in your local grocery or health food store.

Here are some of my top picks

Almond Breeze Original Unsweetened: I bought a six pack of the UNSWEETENED, original at Costco. Almond breeze is a nutritious milk alternative that is great in cereal, tea, coffee, smoothies and more! Since its sold in a tetra pack, the unopened product has a long shelf life. 
Frozen Fruit: I buy big packs of frozen mixed fruit, frozen mango chunks, frozen berries and even frozen cherries. They are great in smoothies, baked into muffins, and way cheaper than buying the fresh stuff come wintertime. 
I buy a large variety pack of unsweetened applesauce. The difference combinations taste great in muffins, banana bread, pancakes, and also taste good slightly frozen. You can substitute the butter or oil in lots of baked goods with applesauce

Larabars are AT LEAST $2 each in your local health food store. I bought a 12 pack of bars at Costco and they are such a yummy and quick treat. I have also had great success making my own homemade larabars using the link I posted in a previous blog, but these pre-wrapped bars are better for travel.
This is the best natural almond butter I have ever tasted, it comes in a huge jar, but still doesn't seem to last very long in my fridge! I believe they also make a peanut butter
Extremely addictive and tasty, Mary's cracker are an awesome gluten free cracker made with simple, wholesome ingredients. These are WAY cheaper to buy at Costco than Loblaws, so I suggest stocking up on packs of these when you shop.
Perrier water is a healthy alternative to soft drinks and diet coke. Served with fresh lime wedges and ice, and you won't even miss your afternoon DC anymore. If you suffer from IBS, open and let the perrier become a little stale, as carbonated drinks can irritate the stomach
Craving spaghetti but can't handle gluten? Tru Roots organic quinoa spaghetti is a great high protein and fibre alternative. You can also buy big bags of Tru Roots organic quinoa at Costco.
Taste of Nature is another high fibre, nutrient rich, gluten free granola bar you can buy in bulk at costco. I prefer larabars (because they have less ingredients), but these bars are good and pack well.

Not "exactly" a health food, but you have to live a little! 4U roasted vegetable pizza is made with all natural ingredients, uses a gluten free crust (a little low in fibre for my liking) and makes all other frozen pizzas a thing of the past. It uses hard cheeses like mozzarella which have virtually no lactose, but I believe they also sell gluten-free dairy free pizzas.

Get Shopping!!! 

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