Tuesday, 3 February 2015

My Costco Adventure on Super Bowl Sunday

Looking back, I’ve done some pretty insane things in my life (bungee jumping in Nepal, skydiving in Australia), but this past Sunday tops it all.
 I thought it would be a GOOD idea to go shopping at Costco on Sunday morning of the Super Bowl. Stupid huh? 

It took almost 20 minutes to find a parking spot, which meant parking at the farthest end of the lot possible, lugging my groceries in -18 degree weather and waiting in the most ridiculous line for the women’s bathroom. I spent the entire time living in panic that I was going to get into an accident given the ‘road rage’ I experienced both in the car and inside with peoples’ shopping carts. Although Costco had some amazing looking samples out, I barely got to try anything as it was full on food wars with people pushing and lining up to try all the Super Bowl treats, you should’ve seen the line-up for Krispy Kreme! Luckily for me, the stuff I was buying no one else was looking to buy, sparing me from fighting over packages of chips and popcorn, and leaving with probably the healthiest grocery cart in the entire building.
This was my first time to the Costco in Etobicoke and was pleasantly surprised with the quality, quantity and variety of food items stocked. Apart from a massive stock piling of veggies (I’ll be eating organic baby carrots for weeks), I found some amazing food items that make my new membership worth every penny.

The first thing that spotted my eye was this giant 1.36kg bag of almond flour. I love baking banana bread and carrot cake with almond flour, and this bag was a good price given how expensive almond flour is at the grocery store. I will have to report back once I’ve tested this brand in recipes. Next, I found these yummy and healthy apple chips. With only one ingredients (apples), these crunchy sweet apple chips will satisfy your chip and sweet tooth all at once.  In the meat department, I stumbled across a three pack of organic lean ground beef, which was a very reasonably priced. I used one pack to make taco salad today and you can totally tell the difference in taste and texture from regular beef, absolutely delicious! Last, I’ve been making more soups and stews to keep me nourished and warm during this cold winter months. This 6 pack of organic chicken broth made with real ingredients and no added colours, flavours or preservatives was a steal compared to the price you pay for one pack at Whole Foods. Like I said, I don’t think any of these items were bought by anyone else but me on Sunday, but hey, I love filling my fridge with real, healthy food and will save me a ton of time and money in the long run!

What did I not purchase and plan on trying next time? I somehow managed to miss the egg section and look forward to trying some of Costco’s free-run eggs. Other items on my wish list include: the giant bag of Prana Kilimanjaro mix, two pack of whole organic chickens, and a new brand of gluten-free crackers since all the brands I’ve tried have been delicious so far.

Till next time…..

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