Sunday, 27 October 2013

October Superfood of the month is.....Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are my latest pick for the  Superfood of the Month. Thanks to their beautiful orange colour, sweet potatoes are a great source of carotenoids, specifically a phytochemical called β-carotene, which is a precursor for the all important vitamin A. Compared to other potatoes, sweet potatoes contain almost twice as much fiber, and are low on the glycemic index, which is great for people with diabetes and will help you stay full longer. These antioxidant and anticancer spuds are also a good source of B6, manganese, Vitamin C and potassium.

One of the things I love most about sweet potatoes is their versatility. You can roast them in foil on the barbeque, bake as wedges in the oven, puree into soups, zap them in the microwave whole for a quick side dish, or incorporate them into muffin, brownie, bread or pancake recipes. Perfect for both sweet and savoury dishes, sweet potatoes are a winner and very cheap and easy to find at grocery stores this time of year.

1.     Sweet potato fries: When dining out don’t be fooled into thinking that sweet potato fries are any healthier than regular fries. Sure sweet potatoes are better than white potatoes, but fries are still fries (just like a gluten-free brownie is still a brownie). They contain a high amount of unhealthy fats from the deep frying and are usually peeled, stripping the potatoes of all their fiber. Instead, make your own oven baked potatoes fries at home for a delicious and healthy treat, where you can also adjust the spices and flavouring options to taste. When I make sweet potato fries at home, I scrub the potatoes thoroughly but never peel them because I like the taste of the skins left on and is far more nutritious this way

2.     Sweet potato brownies: This paleo friendly brownie options is a sure winner. If you want to reduce the sugar content even more or have zero sweet tooth like me, replace the chocolate chips with unsweetened chocolate or minimum 85% dark chocolate. You can also replace up to half the oil in a recipe with applesauce, but coconut oil is a healthy fat and tastes delicious in baked goodies.

3.     Sweet potato Soup: I’m a big fan of anything curry and spicy, and this soup hits all those notes for me. The chickpeas are optional but they make a great garnish and are also delicious just as a snack on their own. For a lighter option, substitute half the coconut milk for organic vegetable stock in this recipe.

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