Sunday, 28 July 2013

What's your Excuse??

People are full of excuses for everything in life. Whether it’s a work, school, or other various commitments, there always seem to have a different excuse for why they can’t accomplish something they set out to do. I’ve heard everything from ‘I don’t have time”, “that’s too much work”, “I can’t”, “I’m too tired/frustrated/PMS/insert word of choice” to the classic “I’m too hungover”.

When it comes to healthy living, there is no shortage of excuses here either. I’m here to tell you though that making excuses for your behaviour is a poor substitute for the real problem. Are you scared of failure? Are you worried all your hard work at the gym won’t pay off? Are you afraid of trying to be healthy all over again only to give up and quit after two weeks? Let me tell you, living life to your fullest is NOT easy, I’ll admit that, BUT I believe there is always a way!

Let’s look at my life for a minute. I BROKE MY ARM (stupid streetcar tracks) and I’m still at the gym on a regular basis. I can use the recumbent bike and also do core work on mats. I can walk around downtown instead of taking the bus in this beautiful summer weather. I can do squats and lunges and lower body workouts no problem. Sure I need to buy a new bell and helmet, but I will be right back on my bike when I get the A Okay from the doc. If I am still able to maintain my fitness goals, what’s stopping you?

The top excuse for not eating healthy, that ‘it’s too expensive’, is a flat out lie. All of this fresh produce, complements of Kai Wei grocery on Spadina Avenue, cost me $23 dollars. Yup, that’s it, all three cucumbers were $1 and I ‘splurged’ on a container of kimchi for $2.50. Don’t shop at the overly expensive, under-stocked Sobeys at Front street, get some exercise, walk the extra ten minutes and buy your groceries in Chinatown. You will do your wallet and your health some food.

It’s time to take CONTROL of your life, stop the excuses and start living for real!

p.s. if you wonder what the kimchi is for, I made homemade enoki mushroom and kimchi soup. Delicious.

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