Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Some food for thought

This is by far the LAZIEST post I have ever written. Although there are plenty of things I want to blog about, these past few weeks have been filled with moving, cleaning, organic chemistry (the WORST), job training and a billion lists of things I need to get done. Therefore I decided not to write an actual post, but direct you to some fabulous articles I came across on the Internet this week.
On the plus side, I finally became a real resident of Ontario last week after waiting for hours in line at the Service Ontario office. I guess its sort of symbolic that I sold my mountain bike and bought a hybrid bike instead. Goodbye Alberta, hello crazy traffic in downtown Toronto.

I have attached what I think are some of the top stories this week that will make for an interesting read.


I really shouldn't post this because I want to win a copy of her beautiful new cookbook, but was feeling extra generous today and thought I would share this fabulous giveaway with all my readers


I love baking with coconut flour because of it's great taste and quality nutrition. The problem is that is absorbs a huge quantity of liquid, which requires lots of eggs in recipes. I have a few friends who are allergic to eggs and wanted to share this recipe so they could enjoy these delicious goodies!


This article is something everyone should read and take a minute to think about. My favorite line is "My mother used to constantly say “Worry about yourself." I couldn't agree more. Quit judging people around here, instead focus on yourself and making your life the best and healthiest it can be.


A great article for all women who have a fear of lifting out there to read. I am a huge fan of strength training, and anyone who is a slave to the cardio machines should really think about adding some strength and conditioning components into their workouts. 

Happy Reading, Stayed tuned for June Superfood of the Month 

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