Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What blogs do bloggers read?

Let's Be Honest. 

No blog these days is 100% original since the Internet allows for rapid sharing of information…..for better or for worse.

I have seen LOTS of amazing blogs online, tags on Pinterest, and infographics, but probably twice as many bad/incorrect ones. While most of my blog ideas are ones that happen to pop into my head, I also get ideas from reading other peoples’ blogs and pins.

I wanted to highlight some amazing blogs from my fellow Phys-ed/Kinesiology students who graduate with me from Queen’s University. These are a great place to start if you are looking for healthy recipes, have questions about the gym, or need some rehab advice

This beautiful blog is the product of Michelle, an awesome gal who is now living in Kingston. She has great recipes with easy to follow pictures, excellent advice/tips on CrossFit, and overall a really good outlook on health and life. I definitely recommend checking out her blog.

Wanna get jacked at the gym? Or don’t know where to start if new to working out? Jeremy is your guy. He is a gym guru, and posts some really good information on fitness, health and workouts on his blog. Worth checking out if your workouts are starting to bore you.

David studied both physical education and physical therapy at Queen’s, however his knowledge of functional anatomy extends way beyond the classroom and traditional textbooks. His innovative blog offers insight into exercises to target specific muscles and dispels many myths about rehabilitation practices.

Okay I didn’t go to school with this guy, but I think he’s awesome. He provides extremely well written and scientific articles on many common health topics and health conditions. His YouTube videos and Ted talks are also worth watching. I subscribe to his weekly newsletters and they are always is full of interesting and helpful information. 

Please enjoy!

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