Friday, 5 October 2012

Ain't Karma a B#%&@

Following a quick search on the Internet, I came across the following definitions of Karma.

karma (kahr-muh]

1.Karma is the universal principle of cause and effect. Our actions, both good and bad, come back to us in the future, helping us to learn from life’s lessons and become better people.
2. Karma is basically energy. One person throws out energy through thoughts, words and actions, and it comes back, in time, through other people. Karma is the best teacher, forcing people to face the consequences of their actions and thus improve and refine their behavior, or suffer if they do not. Even harsh karma, when faced in wisdom, can be the greatest spark for spiritual growth. The conquest of karma lies in intelligent action and unemotional response.

You’re probably wondering why I am writing a blog about Karma. This is a health blog isn't it? I wanted to stray from my usual posts a bit because I believe that your mental well-being and how you perceive yourself as a person is just as important as your physical health. As many of you know, I had my bike stolen a few weeks ago. Money aside, I was extremely saddened because I had many wonderful memories on that bike, and I have taught hundreds of children how to ride a bike using mine as an example. When it was taken from me, I felt anger and sadness, which gave way to pity for the person who felt the need to steal from others.

Through sheer luck, random chance, and one phone call from a Good Samaritan, I am one of the few lucky people who managed to actually get my bike back. (On a total side note, make sure you register your bike, take lots of pictures, keep the serial number in a handy place, and buy a heavy duty U-lock to avoid getting your bike stolen/making it easier to get back). I was elated to have my bike back in working condition, and can’t thank the anonymous caller enough who tipped me off.

This brings me back to Karma. Karma is all about action and reaction. If you do good, good will be brought upon you. I’m not sure exactly what I did to deserve this good deed, but I do try hard to be a friendly, caring and empathetic person on a daily basis. No I am not saying bad things only happen to bad people, since I know MANY amazing, strong and beautiful people who have uncontrollable, bad things happen to them.

What I am suggesting though is try and create good karma for yourself, and do good upon others around you. This Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time to start. Besides stuffing your face with “Gobble Gobble”, there are simple things you can do to make the world a better place.
Donate to a food bank, give your seat to the elderly on the bus, return that lost phone, help your mom clean up in the kitchen without asking, give your dad a hug and treat your siblings with respect. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll get a bike out of it….

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